Some types of Greek breads

Bread is an indispensable part of the universal culture of civilizations and today’s society. In fact in many diets, as in the Mediterranean, it is considered as a basic element. The Mediterranean Diet Foundation, a foundation that promotes the values of it, includes in its Decalogue a premise on the importance of bread and food from cereals, arguing that they should be part of the daily diet. “Its consumption is indispensable for its composition rich in carbohydrates.  They provide us with an important part of energy needed for our daily activities, “says the institution.

In this food of simple appearance and composition, the cereals used for its preparation play an essential role, as well as the kneading processes, the culinary traditions of each country, each culture or each religion. The presence or absence of ingredients and their external appearance make that a homemade bread is a culinary art.

As to its origin, it is considered that Greece was the civilization that perfected the system of elaboration of the bread that previously had defined the Egyptians. Especially at large scales, as they introduced a series of procedures that allowed the processing of large quantities and the appearance of the baker’s figure as a profession.

In Greece there are over 70 types of bread that make up their culinary culture. Many of these breads have a fascinating history related to Greek mythology in that the breads, were a symbol of offering to the gods.

Within all existing breads in Greece, pita bread stands out as the most common of them all. But it should also be noted the Bobota breads, which is a Greek bread that was originally made by people with less economic resources because in the making of this bread simple ingredients are used. Bobota bread is usually very brittle, but can be made in any texture, such as sturdy bread or with a consistency similar to polenta.


On the other handthe Psomi Horiatiko, is a dense and crusty Greek bread that has been made in wood furnaces for centuries and is very popular in rural Greece. The texture of this bread is perfect to taste it with olive oil and sauces. It is made by mixing different types of flours. Some cooks prefer to use sourdough instead of yeast in the recipe.


Skorthopsomo and Tyropsomo breads are other types of simple but very tasty Greek breads and are usually served with meals. The Skorthopsomo is a bread made with fresh garlic.



Lagana bread or clean bread Monday is only made the first Monday of Lent, according to the Eastern Orthodox churches, which are common in Greece. Bread is leavened bread, that is fermented with yeast, simple and usually enjoyed with seafood.



Finally, the pita bread, which you can taste at the Greek Taverna and Greek Village, is a round bread that when cut in half, contains a pocket and is commonly used to make sandwiches. The pocket is formed by water vapor during the cooking process. In Greece, pita gyros are made by adding tomatoes, onions, meat and tzatziki to the pita. If for some reason our restaurants have become famous on the island of Gran Canaria is for having one of the best breads of pitas. Usually it is part of all the appetizers (mezze as it is said in Greek) accompanying it of hummus or tzatzki although if you eat it without anything it is also a delight.






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