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20 Years of Greek Flavour

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Hard work, consistency and the continuous search for the best quality have made us, over the years, into one of the best sources of Mediterranean food in this miniature continent; that is the island of Gran Canaria. We have been here 20 years, however we still work with the same amount of joy from day one, in order to serve you for many more years. ¿Will you join us?


Generating fuel by producing Greek yogurt

18 July, 2018 17:57The Greek yogurt is treasured for its flavour, its texture, its consistency and the quality of its proteins. Many of the qualities has made this product famous around the world that has broken all sales records and where the consumption has grown considerably in recent years. However, to achieve this...Read more

The Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

20 April, 2018 11:29Do you know that great feeling when you come back from a vacation and you don’t feel like breaking the scale in half? After indulging for almost two weeks in the best of what the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have to offer, I was delighted when I returned home lighter...Read more

What is eaten in Greece on Easter?

12 April, 2017 10:00The religion that is predominant in Greece is orthodox Christian that is recognize with that category of "predominant" in the Greek Constitution but it is also recognized the liberty of religion. It is stimated that between 88%-98% of the population is considered orthodox. Within the orthodox celebrations, Easter is undoubtedly...Read more